Thursday, 19 January 2017

Inventory on-hand mobile workspace for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations app

Over the last couple of months I posted about the Dynamics 365 for Operations mobile platform.

Part 1 – Logging in

Part 2 – Basic configuration

Part 3 – Advanced configuration

Part 4 – Export/Import

I intentionally say platform and not app. This is because it is somewhat a generic in nature. You can record a series of forms and actions to use as an app. The App behaves similar to the full browser application by focusing on workspace concept. You click on a workspace and drill through to menu items.

Search for a KB 3215650 that will allow you to deploy 4 recorded apps done by Microsoft. This hotfix includes the workspaces for Supply Chain Management listed below. More information on the wiki links below.

Focusing on the Inventory on-hand workspace. Below are some screenshots.

You get 4 workspaces that Microsoft provided. Drill into the Inventory workspace and you get one option


  You get the item list to search. The when you drill through you have basic information with some links. Notice the different action available to see availability on.


I had some labels missing here. Next time I will try to dive in deeper to find out more.


Friday, 13 January 2017

Dynamics 365 for Operations mobile platform–Part 4

In this post, I will show how the export/import experience works. From the currently application release, it is an export/import task that has to be done manually.

You can export the workspace and it will dump an xml file. See below screenshot of the xml file. On the left you see the Export workspace button.


To import click on the … and Import button. Then just publish.


Friday, 16 December 2016


I recently downloaded the new Update 3 box for Dynamics for Operations which was on windows 2016. I installed Chrome and got this strange error.


After some searching and trial and error. Here is my workaround/solution.

I used IISCrypto to disable SSL 2.0. Make sure to reboot afterwards.


These are a couple of links that helped me.

Don’t ask me why or what. This is a rough fix that worked for me. I am not sure if I broke anything else. I just wanted to use some chrome tools.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Document handling and Azure Storage on local development box

AX7 uses blob storage for document handling and sometimes you may notice it errors due to Azure storage.

This is an example of the error you would get.

Error: Upload of “MyFile” failed. An error occurred writing to Azure storage.

On your development box search for the “Microsoft Azure Storage Emulator”


It should open up a command line window and start the emulator.


In your tray it will show up the Emulator Icon.


The emulator is part of the Azure SDK. It has a configuration file with the ports it uses.


Emulator reference on MSDN

Friday, 25 November 2016

Dynamics 365 for Operations mobile platform–Part 3

This post I will explain how actions work. How to create a new sales order via Actions.

On the sales order click on Actions. Then add an action.


Click on the new sales order button and start recording your screen. I selected a few fields that I wanted to add.


Go to the mobile and refresh.


Lookups have to be linked too. This can be done by clicking on the field and then hit the properties.

Notice how you have to have an existing page. I ended up creating a customer page and linked the fields.


Date look up appear like so


This will sync the action back to the system. If there are any sync issues, just navigate to the Sync history.


You don’t get a detailed error message. You get sync failed due to an error. That is why I have to emphasis keep it simple.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dynamics 365 for Operations mobile platform–Part 2

In the previous post, I showed my first experience with downloading the application. In this post, I will give some examples of setting it up.

First enter the url with &mode=mobile

On the top right menu you will see Mobile app.


This will slide through the configurations pane.


Click on Add and create your first workspace.




I navigated to the form I want to record. I went into the On-hand inventory form.


Clicked on Select fields button and these orange + signs came up. Select the fields you want to display on the mobile device.


Click on the Done buttons. Then click on Publish workspace.




Refresh the mobile app.





This would have been really cool if it worked but I had a issue. It only displayed 1 item in the list.

The onhand form is very complicated and has a lot of dynamic features. Hiding and showing inventory dimension. So, I would recommend creating your own simple inventory on hand form which doesn’t have the complications of the standard form.


I did the exact same thing for the Released products and it worked fine.


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Dynamics 365 for Operations mobile platform–Part 1

This is my first attempt at the mobile solution. Here are some findings.

I downloaded the Android version which you can download from the Play Store.

Have a read of the wiki site. It is well written.

First thing you will get is the sign in screen.

Enter the URL for Dynamics 365 for Operations. Enter the company code. The application is company specific.


Accept the terms and conditions.


You will be navigated to the login screen.


Allow access to your media on your device.


You will be presented with a blank workspace and some menu options.


Next post I will write about configuring it.