Monday, 28 December 2009

NAV - Only ENU language installed in NAV2009SP1

After installing the NAV2009SP1 classic client. You may find that only the ENU language being installed.

There has been major folder restructuring in the install disc in NAV2009. They have gone further in NAV2009SP1 - the language folders have been moved to the main "\Installer\" folder. So if you installed by executing the exe/msi in the client folder - then the language files wont be copied over.
This is a conscious decision by Microsoft. From my understanding they are trying to centralize the installer to a world release and then you install your localized changes (ie language and db). This means everyone in the world will be using the exact same world installer.

Option 1 (preferred) - Execute the language installer under [drive]:\installer\ENA\
Option 2 - Find the folders (ENA and ENZ) and copy them to the Classic\60 folder. Thats basically what option 1 does.
Option 3 - Make sure you install using the main directory setup.exe. This should guide you through it.

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BINUM said...

There is a good blog I found on the NAV German team site.