Monday, 28 December 2009

NAV - RTC personal view and experience

In my personal experience RTC has been great. Here are some positives and negatives from my experience.

1) Personalization of the RTC - role centre/cues/fields etc. Everyone loves it.
2) Web Services - I used this in my first implementation. Easy to use/very stable/fast to implement. Best thing since sliced bread. :)
3) Reports - You can create some nice reports. Save to pdf and excel is a bonus.
4) Training and adoption - you will find that adoption will be great. I found my client basically really taking charge and personalizing the client to their needs and to their teams needs.

1) Batch processes - They are slower.
2) Large reports cause issues (may crashes in some incidents) - there has been some changes in SP1 but I don't think it fixes it totally. But it is a good improvement.
3) In a fast data entry environment. Where you have people just entering orders all day. RTC is actually slower for them. NAV classic has always been great with shortcuts. Maybe this just needs getting used to. They seem to be accepting/enjoying it more as time goes on.
4) Reports - they take a little longer to develope. After you learn the tools. This is not a negative any more.
5) Matrix forms - not so great in RTC. It is a lot easier to use the Classic client for analysis by dimensions and similar forms.

Transformation tool - I only use the executable to create the page. Then I manually keep the form and page in synch. I find this so much faster.
I personally will use the transformation tool if I had a repetitive task. Like maintaining an add-on.

Overall - the positives outweigh the negatives. Even though I am mentioning more negatives (its easier to complain than to praise).

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