Sunday, 24 January 2010

AX - SQL query another database via ODBC

Recently I was involved in migrating a large data set from another database. The standard Excel import/export is a great tool for migrating data. Once you start importing over 500 records - it can get very slow.
Here is some code to do an ODBC connection to execute a select statement.
server static void main(Args args)
    LoginProperty                   loginProperty;
    ODBCConnection                  connection;
    Statement                       statement;
    ResultSet                       resultSet;
    SqlSystem                       sqlSystem;
    SqlStatementExecutePermission   sqlStatementExecutePermission;
    str                             sql = 'SELECT * FROM Vendor';

    sqlSystem = new sqlSystem();
    loginProperty = sqlSystem.createLoginProperty();
    // Set server - if you dont setServer. It will use current server the AOS is on.
    connection = new ODBCConnection(loginProperty);
    statement = connection.createStatement();

    sqlStatementExecutePermission = new SqlStatementExecutePermission(sql);

    //BP Deviation Documented
    resultset = statement.executeQuery(sql);
    while ( )

You have use a class and run on server. If you create a job it wont work because it will run client side.


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