Sunday, 18 April 2010

AX - Modify Table collection when it is attached to a virtual company

Recently I wanted to move the table collection to my dev environment. The table collection was attached to a virtual company - the system wouldn't let me change it. I tried to delete - didn't work. I tried to import an xpo of the table collection changes - nothing happened.  
I had 2 options to do this:
Option 1: Do a full layer release to your environment. This is what you would do in production environment releases. I didn't want to do this because I had other changes in the environment that would have been over written.
Option 2: Find which virtual companies the table collection are used and delete them. To find the virtual companies that are attached to the table collections - go to "\System Documentation\Tables\TableCollectionList".
You can do a dat/def export of this table. Changed the table collection. Then imported the dat/def.

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