Sunday, 24 April 2011

How to run AX2012 HyperV on Virtualbox (Step by step guide)

    Download virtual box and the extension pack.

Once you have installed, create a new virtual machine.

Select Windows 2008 64bit

Allocate a good portion of memory (4GB recommended)

Un-tick the boot Hard Disk. Add disks manual after the wizard is finished.

6. Click on your new virtual image settings

Navigate to Storage
Add hard disks by clicking the disk icon – then “Choose existing disk”
Repeat this step for all 3 vhd files.
·         AX5-W8R2-01.vhd
·         AX5-W8R2-01_DB.vhd
·         AX5-W8R2-01_PF.vhd

After you have finished. Settings should look like this:

9. Start your image

Configure sharepoint 
After you have managed to get it to start, there are a couple other things to be aware of:
1. Start the AOS by going to the windows services and start manually
2. All seems to work except for Enterprise Portal
To fix this modify your hosts file “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\Hosts”
Open this file with notepad and add in the line
It should look like this:

3.  When you run a report - it will be slow on first run. Don't kill it; leave it for a few minutes. Mine took ~4minutes to run first time. After that, it is very responsive. Standard SSRS caching.

Update 07-10-2011:
RTM version of the image uses




Zahir Khan said...

Lovely article... Helped me... Thanks a bunch frd :)

Ragin Patel said...

5 STARS....
It works perfectly. Thanks a lot.

Henrik said...

Does this require that you run this on a 64 bit system?

BINUM said...

I had this question before and from my understanding the guest and host machine need to be on the same hardware. 64bit guest on a 64bit host.
Have a look at this wkik link on virtual box site:

I could be wrong as I never tested it.
Keep in mind - even if you manage to run it on a 32bit machine you may find it extremely slow. Max memory is 4GB and you may allocate 2GB to the vm.

Mirko Bonello said...

I ran it on 32-bit OS and 64-bit hardware and it worked!

Mukesh said...

Very Good help!!! It will help to explore most awaiting AX 2012

AXTINU said...

I ran it on 64-bit OS with only 2.5 GB Memory assigned. Starts slowly but fine.

But i'm getting AOS Service Error: Error 1053 The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Is this because of lack of Memory?

BINUM said...

Ignore the message. It should start in the back ground. You just won't see the progress bar.

AXTINU said...

What do you mean with "Ignore the message"? AOS service does not start in the background and when i try to start AX 2012 i get the message "Connection the the Application Object Server could not be established". Do you have further ideas or is it because of low memory?

BINUM said...

Sorry no ideas.
What I thought would happen is, it would start in the background. Services that take a while to start like the AOS usual give this timeout message.

AXTINU said...

Thanks. I try to upgrade to 8GB and then assign about 5GB to VM. I will post my results

Compupasha said...

Excellant article, thanks. what is the username and password to login the windows when it is starting AX2012 HyperV?

AXTINU said...

You'll find this information in a document located in the same download area as AX-2012 PreRelease VM

Anonymous said...

Once I start My virtualBox Machine it doesn't stop restarting all the time on and on...
Has anybody experience same?

BINUM said...

Follow these steps exactly. Attach it as IDE rather than SATA controllers.
That is usually the problem.

AXTINU said...

with 8GB it works perfectly

mhjort said...

I'm running the image on a 64-bit lenovo and experienced the restart over and over as well. My issue was that the lenovo has all HW virtualization disabled by default in the BIOS. once enabled it worked like a charm

BINUM said...

If you have followed these steps and still experiencing difficulty. I have a post with some recommendations:

Anonymous said...


how much will be minimum ram required to run VM as per your experience.
I am also suffering same problem and receiving error 1053.

Munib said...

I have 8GB and allocated 4GB. Seems to run fine like that.
Obviously first time round, its a little slow but once it warms up. It performance fine.
I am not sure about the error code but when you start the AOS, it is common for it to timeout. It will still start in the background. Give it a few minutes.

Steve said...

Hi all,
Thanks for this article - I have successfully installed the Hyper-V image and AX 2012 is running.
I have a problem with Sharepoint - I modified the hosts file as advised but, both the Role Center in AX and the Enterprise Portal fail to open :(
Any clues ?
I have set Network Adapter 1 to Internal Network and Adapter 2 to NAT and Adapter 3 to Host Only Adapter - should these be changed ?
Any help gratefully received

GK said...

Excellent article. It works!!!. I am able to run AX2012 from my WIN7 system.

Munib said...

I havent had too many issues around the sharepoint issue. Try to reboot your image and give it ago.
Or restart IIS.

Kristin said...

i added
to the host file (see last step in the step by step guide). After that enterprise portal and my role center worked.

Anonymous said...

I have installed AX 2012 on Virtualbox and it works fine. However when i want to switch the database that AX uses, from the default database to the demo database, i get a service 1053 error. I have changed the registry so that the AOS has 120 seconds but that still didn't work. Any ideas?

DavidF said...

Thank you for this article. When I start the virtual pc, I receive the error: No bootable medium found. System halted.
Please tell me what I did wrong.

DrBillC said...

I've created a video on setting this up and placed it on YouTube:

jean-luc poulet said...

thanks for this helpfull description.
it works perfectly on my laptop, except the exchange server (on partB) stays "unavailable".
can you run it ? did you setup something special for that ?
thanks in advance

Raghav said...

Hi ,

I have done the above steps , but I am getting an error as
"Failed to open session for Virtual machine
VT-x features locked or unavailable in MSR (VERR_VMX_MSR_LOCKED_OR_DISABLED)."

Can any one help me on this please ?

Raghav said...

Hi ,

I have done the above steps , but I am getting an error as
"Failed to open session for Virtual machine
VT-x features locked or unavailable in MSR (VERR_VMX_MSR_LOCKED_OR_DISABLED)."

I am using WINDOWS 7 64-BIT OS (6 GB RAM)

Can any one help me on this please ?

Morgan Sundqvist said...

Hi Ragav,
I had that problem on a Dell E5400.
I had to use this guide.

And restart a bunch of times.
Then it worked.

Morgan Sundqvist

Manuel Veloso said...

hi, i have followed the above steps, but i cant get into EP (yes i made the change to the host file) i simply get a "internet explorer cannot display this page" error ... any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the vdo. Can you also provide step how to enable EP and Role center?
Thank you in advance

RogerL said...

Perfect advice. An example to all bloggers. Thanks a lot.

Bert Hidding said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bert Hidding said...

I installed the Virtual Box with the following settings for AX2012:

IDE Primary Master:AX2012-A.vhd
IDE Primary Slave: AX2012-B.vhd
IDE Secundary Master: Ax2012-C.vhd

Also put in the host file the following two rows: Sharepoint

When I start AX I get the message: 'The server is unavailable check your configuration and network connection an ry again'

Can anybody help me?

Sachin Khurana said...

Thanks..this was really useful

Juho Heino said...

Bert Hidding:

If you still have the same error message, try restarting AOS. It worked for me :)

Murli said...

For "The server is unavailable check
your configuration and network connection an ry again'

Start your DAX AOS Service.

Murli said...

For "The server is unavailable check
your configuration and network connection an ry again'

Start your DAX AOS Service.

Myles Yamada said...

Thank you for this. I had allocated too little memory for the VM and it was not responding well. I reinstalled using your blog instructions and all went well.

Colin Clarson said...

I am still getting tripped up by the Role Centre / Sharepoint issue, I have just downloaded the latest release from MS for AX2012 (refreshed in March), I have modified the hosts file but still no joy. Can someone please explain the "concept" behind how the loopback connection is supposed to work , as I am in the dark right now

DrBillC said...

If you're running the R2v2 image under VirtualBox and *not* using the DNS server you'll need to add the following hosts file entries: dynamicsaxhelp ax2012r2a

You'll also need to edit the IIS bindings for all but ax2012r2a to use all available instead of the 10.x addresses that they come assigned to.

Rachit Garg said...

Nice post. This was really helpful. I have also referred it in my blog


Anonymous said...

I have Windows 7 64 machine and have installed VirtualBox on it.

I have enabled all the virtualization options in BIOS.

I have created Hyper-V virtual machine and installed Stand-Alone version successfully.

I have installed Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7.

My Hyper-V guest and Windows 7 host communicate with each other as well,

thus I have successfully created Windows XP virtual machine on Hyper-V


When I try to start this WinXP virtual machine through Hyper-V Manager I get error:

The virtual machine could not be started because the hypervisor is not running

any ideas, how to fix this problem ?

Thanks in advance, Nrupesh

Chandra Setiawan said...

Nice sharing, Thanks!

if you are interested to run VM AX 2012 R3 on laptop with best performance, visit the tutorial here:

DarKScoRpioN said...

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