Wednesday, 2 November 2011

AX2012 - Install multiple instances of Reporting Services (SSRS) on the same computer scripted with powershell

Most of the steps are straight forward but the Modify Reporting Services configuration files [AX 2012] is a little tedious.
I have scripted some of the steps. It is incomplete but I think it could be useful for our internal SSRS installs.
I hope someone out there can contribute and we can share the load to complete it.

3) Modify the report server RsSrvPolicy.config file

If you get a message saying scripting is not allowed. Just start powershell - run as administrator. Then type the following
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

This is in no way complete but a start. I will update when I have something.

Updated 12 September 2012
Refer to updated post


Nag said...

Hi Munib,

Hope you are well.

Hey i am just checking on community site, and a couple of guys saying they got away without setting up additional SSRS instance. Instead they used different folders in same SSRS instance. For example two different folder for two AX instances by the sounds and deployed reports into there.
I tried this concept but both instances returning exactly same data on reports. SSRS doesn't seem to know about 2nd AOS.

Have you tried it? Any clue?

Thanks mate

Munib said...

Hey Nag,

I haven't tried this. I don't know how this could work (if you have both AOS running) but I will give it a go when I get a couple for hours. :)

Updated scripts are here

Nag said...

I don't think this works. Becuase it needs to know AOS instance to connect which can only be one per SSRS instance.