Monday, 26 March 2012

Form best practice [AX 2012]

Make use of form best practice when you are created/updating forms in AX 2012. It isn't 100% bullet proof solution but it does get rid of your most common form problems.
Also keep in mind that Microsoft doesnt deliver all their forms conforming to the Form best practice. Some form are just different.

Right click on the form. Add-Ins > Check form style best practices

The form will open up. The style you set in the form design property will be defaulted and analysed. Some basic violations can be fixed right from this form. For example, the New button label must be @SYS000001 (not the right label id but you get the idea) then you click the Fix violation button. This will update the form and fix it for you.
Notice below CustTable form, it doesn't 100% conform to this but it is not intended to be 100%. It is there to make sure you follow the form styles and the look&feel of the system is uniform.



ERD said...

This is great opportunity to check all my forms to BP!
Thanks!! - download that version, because 2012 don'w want install on PC Windows, not Server

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