Monday, 16 April 2012

Compile AOT Visual Studio Project changes the Report [AX 2012]

This is something to be aware of. If you compile the AOT visual studio projects node (AOT > Visual Studio Projects > Dynamics AX Model Projects), it modifies the SSRS report in the current layer you are in. This doesn’t happen if you do a full AOT compile. I picked it up because I wanted to compile my Shared project which contained the visual studio project node in it.

When you do an AOT compare nothing comes up but if you export it out to xpo. Then do a text compare, it looks like it has modified the DataSourceID element.


I have raised this with Microsoft and they have come back with this is a design feature (it is working as expected). So, keep in mind next time when including reports in your visual studio project. If you are not going to modify a report. Then don’t include it as part of your visual studio project.

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Klaas Deforche said...

We have this problem too. In my opinion it's a bug and should be fixed. It's very annoying!