Monday, 30 April 2012

Named user license counts [AX 2012]

There is a report under System admiration > Reports > Licensing > Named User License Counts. This report contains information about the users who are assigned to security roles in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The report analyzes the roles and privileges that are assigned to each user and then calculates the number of licenses that are required for each user type.

To actually get data to show up on this report you have to set up a batch job to run periodically. Its a little hidden.

You can copy and paste the job below. Then run it to create the batch job. This sets up a batch job to run once a week. Which seems a bit much. I think once a month on a weekend is sufficient.

static void LicenseMinerCreateBatchJob(Args _args)

Alternatively set up a batch job to run SysUserLicenseMiner class.


Some good info on licensing.


Dhananjay said...

Hi Munib,

This is reagrding Ax Retail in Ax 2012 Licensing.

If we have purchased licenses for Ax 2012, retal appears as a module in Ax 2012.

If we want to utilise it at stores / pos level, then what will be impact in terms of licenses and hardware cost.

Please revert asap

Munib said...

I haven't worked with AX Retail. So, I would not know.
Its better that you contact your partner to get answers.

Sunil Dharmani said...

Hi Munib,
When I generate this report it is blank.
Can you assist is there something wrong with this report.

boh1878 said...

The class for sysuserlicenseminer exists but the batch job method doesn't. The dropdown task for a batch job doesn't exist. And the job you suggest doesn't do anything. I'm on AX2012 R3.

Am I missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if I have to buy a license for it? We have several jobs running, and each time an Enterprise license is listed in the license report.