Thursday, 24 May 2012

Default dimensions – Order of controls on form [AX 2012]


You might notice the order of the dimension controls on forms is by Name. I recently had the question asked if you could change the order the controls are displayed in.

Standard sorts by name in the code. So, I found the place and commented it out.




After (This now order the fields the same as it is in the account structure – which also lines up with how the main account look up orders the dimensions)




Anonymous said...

This relies on the RecId values being numerically in the same order as that of the dimension setup in the account structure, and I'm not if that will always be the case.

Another (brutally effective) option is to put a sort order field on the DimensionAttribute field and use that. It's clumsy and inelegant since this table is shared across account structures but it works.

I did this, and replaced the order by Name with Order by SortOrder, Name.

AXian said...

Could you please tell me how to filter the financial dimension values in purchase order header form, based on the given account strucutre.

Where can i add some filtering conditions in this class?