Sunday, 29 July 2012

Turn off industry specific license configuration [AX 2012]

One thing to be aware of. In AX 2012 the root module configuration key cannot be turned off from the "License configuration" (in the figure below the locked licence configuration is represented with red pad lock).


You have to go to "License information" and blank out the license code field (*****).

If you want to re-enable it, then import the license key again and restart the AOS. Alternatively you can just type the license code again.

Customer license files don’t expire (unless they are demo licenses) and with AX 2012 licensing model; they get everything. If additional users are purchased a new license is issued and this could re-enable to the license code.


Visitor said...

After clearing the license code a new window appears to show the differences and confirm the changes, but it does not seem to stick. Is there something besides clearing the text box and clicking Close? Will the asterisks disappear or how will I know that the change has taken place (yes, I restarted the AOS)?

Munib said...

It should work. The license code should be clear when you leave it.
Check that you do have admin access, including SQL sysadmin.

Visitor said...

Thanks. There was a OK button that I missed on the confirmation windows because of how the window was sized and I had to maximize because without maximizing the CLOSE button was the only choice visible!