Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blank workspace on open of AX 2012 with Feature pack

I recently upgraded an environment and everything ran fine. After I finished the upgrade I tried opening AX and the workspace just showed nothing. No menus, just a blank workspace.

This was an issue with the the Retail license key. It enabled a check during start up which failed. I had to run this script to insert a record to tell it, that it is finished.

static void InsertRetailCheckListFinished(Args _args)
RetailSetupLog retailSetupLog;
    retailSetupLog = RetailSetupLog::find(classStr(SysCheckList_Upgrade), #CheckListFinished);    
    if (retailSetupLog.RecId == 0)
retailSetupLog.Description = #CheckListFinished;
retailSetupLog.Name = classStr(SysCheckList_Upgrade);
retailSetupLog.RetailBuild = RetailSetupLog::retailNo();
        info(strFmt("Inserted build %1",RetailSetupLog::retailNo()));

Other option is to remove the license key.

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Ff Tech Services said...

Thanks so much for your post on this. I had the exact same issue and this saved me a lot of time!