Monday, 25 February 2013

Product attributes and beyond [AX 2012]

Product attributes is a great piece of functionality that was introduced in AX 2012. It allows you to set up and capture additional information against a product.
I recently have taken it one step further to make it more visible and user friendly. At the moment it is hidden away on a form you have to open.
In a similar fashion to the way financial dimensions work, where the controls dynamically show up on a fast tab. The attribute controls do the same.
Here is a quick screenshot to show how powerful it can be.
I got the field groups to work by using attribute groups (which is part of retail key).

If you are looking for some info on product attributes have look at these links.
This is one of many pieces of frameworks that AX 2012 provides. Its up to us to make use of them and extend them.

Updated 28th Feb 2013: I had a few questions on this. To clear the confusion, this is custom development that worked on for a project recently.


Steve Mortland said...

Can you give me more information about how you did this. I don't see Attribute Group when I try to personalize the form. Thanks.

Munib Ahmed said...

What I am describing here is custom for a project that I am working on. So, you wouldn't find it.

Refer to the links provided to see how the standard product attributes work.