Wednesday, 13 February 2013

str2Num doesn’t work as expected

If you are trying to convert a string to a decimal, you might notice that it doesn’t always work. It is very sensitive on the formatting of the string.

Input Output (str2Num) Output (str2NumOk) System.Convert::ToDecimal(strValue);
1 23 1 false catch the exception as nothing is resolved
1abc 1 false catch the exception as nothing is resolved
1,123.00 1 false 123.00
You can use the method str2NumOk() to check

Alternatively, you could use the .NET system method to convert the string to a decimal. This handles conversions a little better.

real   decimalValue = System.Convert::ToDecimal(strValue);

Sample job code to test it out the third example.

static void testStringToNumeric(Ar  gs _args)
str strValue;
real realValue;   strValue = "1,123.00";
print str2num(strValue); //returns 1
print str2NumOk(strValue); //returns false
realValue = System.Convert::ToDecimal(strValue);
print realValue;
print "caught";
}   pause;   }


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mourad ben mahmoud said...


Thank you for your post, but when i use num2str it rounds to 2 decimals, even if i use the System.Convert::ToDecimal. the result is always rounded. is there a way to have a result with more decimals ?

thank you.