Sunday, 31 March 2013

Data Import/Export Framework–Data format

Today I want to write a brief on the different data formats that are available in the Data Import/Export framework.

File The File format allows for text (ie. csv) types to be imported.
ODBC ODBC format allows for SQL type queries to be used. Imagine writing SQL statement to pull data from another database.
AX AX format allows for exporting data in dat/def format. This is a nice addition because it allows you to move data to another AX instance.
In other words, this pulls the AX entity data into the staging table and then you export it.
Then you go to your other instance of AX you want to import into. Import the dat file and then process it.


Check out TechNet on the source data formats.

I will try to write a little bit more about the AX format at another time because that is confusing at first. Simply, think of it as your way of moving entities from one AX database to another database.

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