Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Import/Export Framework

Small post today.

Data Import/Export Framework came out the other week. See the link:

Good to see the model is now in its rightful place in the fpk Layer.


Not much has changed in terms of the menu and design concept.


New format has been added.

csv and odbc we know from previous but I haven’t explored AX format yet.


That’s it for now. I will explore some more and post what I find.


Mohamed Hassan said...

Hi ya Monieb,

"I have found your blog in the perfect day"

I am facing a problem in importing Ledger balances Using DMF.

My problem come from the dimensions, I can't import them...

The entry is ledger trx, so I have recorded the account structure in "Ledger Dimension" like this 190510-001-023
the system give this message [Financial Dimension 0 does not exsit]

PLeeeeeeeease ya Monieb reply to me on

DK said...

I also have this issue ^^
Haven't been able to find a resolution. said...

Can you advise what release this is for?

Munib Ahmed said...

Most recent release.
Screenshot has the build number.

Munib Ahmed said...

Regarding the financial dimension error. I haven't seen it but I also haven't spent enough time with the tool yet.