Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How to run AX 2012 R2 image on Virtualbox

I have received a few questions regarding the new demo image for AX 2012 R2. How to run it using virtualbox.

Demo image can be downloaded from here


I had a post way back which was a step by step guide.


This is still valid up to step 7. Then setting up the network is different.

On the second adapter set up an Internal Network.


The summary should look like this. (Even though below I categorised it as Win2008 by mistake – the image is Win2012. This is just a category and should not matter). Important parts are highlighted. One problem I had after unzipping the image, the file somehow was locked. I had to disconnect my drive and connect it back up. Then attached it.


Now you can start your machine.

Once the machine starts, you need to configure the network settings. There is a document available on that same page.

How to guide: set up virtual networking for Microsoft Dynamics AX demo virtual machines

Follow from page 7 “Assign IP Address in Guest”.

1. Log into Guest operating system
2. Go to start menu and type ncpa.cpl to open Network Connections
3. Locate the network adapter that will be used for internal communication. NOTE: to easily identify the correct NIC, open a command prompt, enter IPCONFIG and view which NIC has a 169 address.
4. Right click the network adapter, select Properties
5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4, select Properties
6. Select Use the following IP address:

a. VM A
    i. IP address:
    ii. Subnet mask:
    iii. Preferred DNS Server:
b. VM B (I didn't attach the second VHD so this can be skipped)
    i. IP address:
    ii. Subnet mask:
    iii. Preferred DNS Server:
c. VM C (I didn't attach the third VHD so this can be skipped)
    i. IP address:
    ii. Subnet mask:
    iii. Preferred DNS Server:


7. Select Advanced
8. IP Settings select Add
    a. IP address:<from list below>
    b. Subnet mask:


AX2012R2B (I didn't attach the second vhd so this can be skipped)


9. Click OK until the network adapter properties window is closed
10. Reboot the Guest operating system

Final result should look like this.



DrBillC said...

I've been able to get this far myself, but the problem that I encountered was on Office reporting back that it was not activated/valid. Have you confirmed that Office still works for you?

Munib Ahmed said...

I haven't looked at it yet. I may check it out next week.

DrBillC said...

I’ve created a video detailing how to set this up properly in VirtualBox with the R2 v3 image. Take a look at http://youtu.be/klV6qh211EI. I also created a copy of my settings as a virtual appliance (OVA) file which can be imported into VirtualBox for you to then add your downloaded VHD files which you download from PartnerSource (https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/marketing/marketingcollateral/demos/AX2012DemoToolsMaterials.htm). A cheat sheet for setup, the OVA file and a keyboard shortcut file for Windows 8/Server 2012 are all located on my SkyDrive at http://sdrv.ms/173UoH1. I hope you find this helpful.

Munib Ahmed said...

Thanks DrBillC.
Very good.