Friday, 16 August 2013

ISV solution for maintenance [AX 2012]

Today I will talk about something I am passionate about and have been working on for the last 2 years. This is Daxeam.

The name Daxeam is a mash up of two words. DAX  for Dynamics AX and EAM for Enterprise asset management.

It is a maintenance solution built from the ground up on AX 2012. Which means we took full advantage of new tools and right way of developing.

It is Certified for Dynamics AX. You can find more detail on pinpoint and the Daxeam website.


Daxeam revolves around:

  • asset and keeping track of assets. Cost, meters, structures etc
  • work orders – budgeting hours and items. Capturing feedback. Workflow.
  • forecasting, scheduling and planning – Preventative maintenance. Detailed scheduling with capacity.
  • warranty and permits – triggers for warranties

Why am I writing this today you may ask? I am planning on blogging a little bit every week about Daxeam and the development methodology we used to build it (SCRUM).

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