Friday, 14 February 2014

User security role assignment report [AX 2012]

There isn’t a report that lists the users and their security roles. You can get this information fairly quickly through Excel add-in.

1. Go to the AOT and find the Query SysSecRolesForUser.

2. Duplicate it and remove the code (it has code in the init method to filter by current user).

Then just go the organization > “Document data sources”. Select your query and activate it.

3. In Excel select the service, select the fields and run.

You should see a nice list of user and their roles.



Anonymous said...

I have found success utilizing Arbela's Security Manager:

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am very inexperienced with this. can you add more detail? How do I modify the init? How do I connect MS Excel to a "Service"

May Thanks!!

Shao Kahn said...

Thank you i was new guy but got it thanks alot !


how can I get system administration module in data document sources while selecting query

ERP said...

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anton zhong said...


Can someone elaborate "Then just go the organization > “Document data sources”. Select your query and activate it. "

How do I find this "Document data sources? "

Many thanks in advance.