Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Microsoft Project Add-in overview [AX 2012]

Today I will cover on how the Microsoft project add-in works in AX 2012 R2 CU7.

Setup the service

To setup the service first time, go to the AOT and publish the Service group.

Right click and Deploy Service Group


Setup parameters

Go the Project parameters fill in the Microsoft Project integration field group.

In this example I will use Archived directory. Other option is SharePoint.

Specify a folder – I would use a network shared path rather than your local drive.


Setup the project

Create a project but make sure to specify the calendar.


Launch Microsoft project add-in

On the Project list page, you will see a button to open in in Microsoft project. You will also see a new column called Microsoft Project – this indicates if it is linked to a Microsoft project file.


When you open it in Microsoft project, you will see the Dynamics AX add-in.


If you click on Add resources – you will get this dialog pop up.


The Publish has a few options:

  • Publish – It updates the linked Project.
  • Publish New Project – Will allow you to enter a new project id. This will generate a new project and the work breakdown.


  • Replace Existing Project – Be careful with this one. It does exactly what it says – REPLACE. It will replace the activities – assigning new numbers to them.


  • Save a Template – This will create a new project template.

Remember, once it is linked to Microsoft project, you wont be able to modify it from AX. You have to use Microsoft Project.

But you will notice a new Unlink from Microsoft Project on the Work breakdown structure form. This is to break the link between AX and the file generated.





Peter Mello, SpS, PMP, PMI-SP said...


What to do when the window "publish as a new project" is blank and there is no option to choose a legal entity?

Anonymous said...

Excelent post. I have the same issue. Does anybody found a solution?


Munib Ahmed said...

I would check the AIF inbound port.
Make sure it is running fine.

Only thing that comes to mind.

Pieter said...

Hi All

I would like to know if anyone managed to get actual hours logged against a task in AX back into the MSP schedule?