Friday, 28 March 2014

Microsoft Project Add-in technical deep dive [AX 2012]

Last post I cover how the Microsoft project add-in worked. This post I will look into how it looks from a technical perspective.

First thing we had to do was deploy the service, this is because the add-in uses a specific service called ProjWBSService.

I created an AOT project (*ProjWBS*) to show what the components make up the service. You will notice it is a document service.


What is interesting how ever is how the updates are done. The query contains a view ProjWBSActivityView. Then the update, insert, delete methods are overridden to perform a custom update.


The the file is reused and file path is stamp on the Hierarchy table. So, when you try to click on the button it either creates or just opens the one it is pointing to.


That is it for now.

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Tommy Skaue said...

In R2, the build I have here, there are no permissions defined for the entrypoints. This means only system admins will be able to use this. Seems this is correctly fixed in R3.