Sunday, 27 April 2014

Open source Exchange rate provider on Codeplex [AX 2012]

Way back I had created an exchange rate provider using Yahoo! Finance services. So, today I thought I would share this code that has been sitting with me for a long time. I have created a Codeplex project to start the sharing. I want to also encourage others to start sharing if they have developed their own exchange rate provider using other services.

I am more than happy to add anyone who wants to contribute as a developer or I can upload it for them (and mention their name on the main page). I think we can all benefit from these being freely available or if Microsoft can include it in their product eventually as standards.

Visit: Exchange rate provider on Codeplex

Download the Yahoo! Finance exchange provider class xpo, import it into your environment, compile + CIL compile, restart your client and start using it.

Once you have done the right thing. It should be available for configuring.


Then, you should be able to run it.


More information to get you started:

To learn on how to use the exchange rates, this is a nice user guide that Murray Fife has written up.

This is a good whitepaper to get developers started on developing. Creating Exchange Rate Providers for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

At the end of the day – it is single class that you have to write to develop new exchange rate providers.



It would be nice to also get some tester on this project. Feedback would be appreciated.

Final disclaimer: I take no responsibility for this. Use at your own discretion.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing,it was very useful,but i'm still having a problem in updating rates.Can we retrieve daily exchanges with this GUID provided or it has static values.
Thank you in advance

Munib Ahmed said...

The guid is just an attribute. It can be any string. Keep the same or create a random one.

Anonymous said...

Ok,thank you.
Another question is, what if I take another service provider(which gives me the datas in xml format for example),which means another url,I guess the class would still be working,right?

Anonymous said...

I am trying to create a new exchange rate provider but it is not coming in add button lookup.

Santosh Surti said...

Hi, While running Import Currency exchange rates I am getting below error...

"The exchange rate provider is not valid."

What could be the reason, let me know please..Also let me tell you that the same process is working UAT Server.


Munib Ahmed said...

Check your firewall on your server.

Xier said...

Hi, I need to do it in AX7, I have tried to use your code, but it does not work? i got nothing .

Munib Ahmed said...

With AX7 there some issue.
You have to move your code to the Currency model. Then it will work.

Blogger said...
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