Friday, 9 May 2014

AX 2012 R3 License types (CAL) for security roles

Below is the list of security roles and what license type they are.
Role License type
Accountant Enterprise Users
Accounting manager Enterprise Users
Accounting supervisor Enterprise Users
Accounts payable centralized payments clerk Enterprise Users
Accounts payable clerk Enterprise Users
Accounts payable manager Enterprise Users
Accounts payable payments clerk Enterprise Users
Accounts payable positive payment clerk Enterprise Users
Accounts receivable centralized payments clerk Enterprise Users
Accounts receivable clerk Enterprise Users
Accounts receivable manager Enterprise Users
Accounts receivable payments clerk Enterprise Users
Budget clerk Enterprise Users
Budget manager Enterprise Users
Buying agent Functional Users
Chief executive officer Enterprise Users
Chief financial officer Enterprise Users
Collections agent Enterprise Users
Collections manager Enterprise Users
Compensation and benefits manager Enterprise Users
Compliance manager Enterprise Users
Cost accountant Enterprise Users
Cost clerk Enterprise Users
Customer (external) Enterprise Users
Customer self-service administrator (external) Enterprise Users
Customer service manager Functional Users
Customer service representative Functional Users
Data import/export framework administrator Enterprise Users
Dispatcher Task Users
Employee Self Serve Users
Environmental clerk Functional Users
Environmental manager Functional Users
Field service technician Task Users
Financial controller Enterprise Users
Human resource assistant Functional Users
Human resource manager Enterprise Users
Information technology manager Enterprise Users
Logistics manager Functional Users
Machine operator Task Users
Manager Functional Users
Marketing coordinator Functional Users
Marketing manager Functional Users
Master data management Enterprise Users
Materials manager Enterprise Users
Payroll administrator Enterprise Users
Payroll manager Enterprise Users
Process engineer Enterprise Users
Process engineering manager Enterprise Users
Product design manager Enterprise Users
Product designer Enterprise Users
Production manager Enterprise Users
Production planner Enterprise Users
Production supervisor Enterprise Users
Project accountant Enterprise Users
Project assistant Functional Users
Project manager Functional Users
Project manager - Public Sector Functional Users
Project supervisor Enterprise Users
Project timesheet user Task Users
Purchasing agent Functional Users
Purchasing Agent - Public Sector Functional Users
Purchasing manager Enterprise Users
Quality control clerk Functional Users
Quality control manager Functional Users
Receiving clerk Task Users
Recruiter Functional Users
Retail catalog manager Functional Users
Retail merchandising manager Functional Users
Retail operations manager Functional Users
Retail store manager Functional Users
Retail warehouse clerk Functional Users
Sales clerk Functional Users
Sales manager Enterprise Users
Sales representative Functional Users
Security administrator Enterprise Users
Service delivery manager Functional Users
Shipping clerk Task Users
Shop supervisor Functional Users
Tax accountant Enterprise Users
Training manager Functional Users
Transportation coordinator Task Users
Treasurer Enterprise Users
Vendor (external) Enterprise Users
Vendor (external) - Public sector Enterprise Users
Vendor account manager Functional Users
Vendor portal administrator (external) Enterprise Users
Vendor portal administrator (external) - Public sector Enterprise Users
Vendor prospect (external) Functional Users
Warehouse manager Enterprise Users
Warehouse planner Functional Users
Warehouse worker Task Users
Waterspider Task Users
Click on this link to download an excel file that will allow you to drill down to each role and find out what menu items make up the license type.

UPDATED LINK (due to file size restrictions I zipped it up):

Below are some screenshots of what the file contains. A pivot table, the raw data and the list above.
Double click on the numbers in the pivot table and you will get a list of menu items that make it.
For details on how I got this data, see one of my earlier posts in 2012.


Angelos Angelides said...

Hi Munib

I created something similar with the added benefit of linking Roles to Duties and Privileges so people can find where the menu points are attached. I used the SysUserLicenseMiner and turned a table which gets truncated from a Tmp table to a regular table. I then created a query to combine all the various levels of security -

I do have a question for you though, Since the change of the Task Recorded I can no longer use it in combination with the security tool to record a journey through AX. As the security tool is still in Beta mode I got very little traction due to lack of support, so I was wondering whether you had any success post R2 CU6 in getting it to record the user options. Would be glad to hear from you if you fancy getting this feature back up and running. Thanks in advance

Angelos Angelides said...

Hi Munib to save you sometime it seems I missed this article from AX Server Team a fix has just been released


Munib Ahmed said...


Been a little busy these day to respond quickly.
One of your files is greater than 5MB and can not be downloaded.

Иван Иванов said...

Hi this is very interesting and helpfull. I know that it's maybe not the right place to ask for help but I really need some.
I'm using Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 and I have some of new roles created and other modified ( added or removed duties and privileges ) and now I need a report(table) about my roles which contains the following columns:
Role Name; Role AOT Name; Duty Name; Duty AOT Name; Privilege Name; Privilege AOT Name; Menu Item Name; License CAL;
I've searched the net and the forums and I've found very similar scripts and codes which give Role Names with License Types or Entry Point With Licenses but I couldn't find some that suits my task.
I have Security Development Tool and tried to sort this out manually, but after one role with more than 1000 privileges associated with it, it was clear that that cannot be done by hand :).
I have tried to write some code using SysSecRoleEntryPointsTmp and SysUserLicenseMetadataTmp but with no luck. I couldn't manage to get all the fields in the report I need.
So if someone can help me or give me some clue it will very helpfull for me and I'll value it a lot. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Excel its was helpful