Friday, 25 July 2014

Debugging when debugger isn’t installed

This is an old trick I have been using for a while and thought it might be useful for others.

Usually on production servers I avoid installing the debugger. So I get asked every now and then - “what if I need to debug something?”.

I answer with – why don’t you debug in the TEST environment but in those unique circumstances you have to do it in PROD.

Then, just open up file explorer and navigate to another server or where the installation files are sitting. Just run the AxDebug.exe.


Debugger should stop at a breakpoint.


Baber said...

Very useful tip Munib. I didn't know about this.

Martin Dráb said...

It's also worth to note that debugging shouldn't be enabled in production environment, so you will need changes in AX configuration and AOS restart (if you want to debug server code). Also note that sources for CIL debugging are generated only when debugging is enabled (but you might copy them from another machine).

Munib Ahmed said...

That's a good point Martin.
It's good you mentioned the copy of the files - I actually did this once and I was never really sure if anyone else has tried it.

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