Friday, 31 October 2014

Advanced bank reconciliation [AX 2012 R3]

This is only my opinion but I feel Advanced bank reconciliation has caused a lot of confusion. This is because Microsoft has made it very technical (very cool but a bit painful first time). Also, I feel some of the documentation is lacking in detail.

Below is my quick summary for anyone who wants to start with this topic.

To import a statement file:

Official Microsoft Links

Supported formats are very limited. But the big one is the BAI2 is very common but not all banks use it.

Good non Microsoft Links

Same as the Microsoft one but with screenshots.

For developers who want to support different file formats. I would recommend using transformation class, rather than xslt.

Follow this step by step in detail. You will want to extend on it to include additional fields etc but a very good start.


To reconcile (Auto and manual)

Official Microsoft Links

Good non Microsoft Links



This is a great post which talks about some consideration before turning on Advanced bank reconciliation.

For developers you can debug xslt as per my previous post.

If you need to write one for a different file format I would recommend a transformation class as opposed to xslt. xslt is a pain to write and debug.

This is a great link:


BAI2 Issues and bugs

Because it is BAI2 don’t think it is the same for every country. Some countries might do slight different things.

In Australia – there was a mandatory field that was missing in the file, the bank number string format is different. The date I found YYYYMMDD and YYMMDD.

Lastly, this bug is very annoying to figure out. I found a KB that you must download for R3.


Next time I will try to discuss the matching rules and how they work – both the good and bad.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that...I am pulling my hair out trying to get the Advanced Bank Rec working...I actually wonder if anyone is using it successfully as there is very little help / documentation for it. I also wonder why they made the format hardcoded..why not just bring in a csv file and map the columns to the fields you want

Raja said...

Hi Munib,
i am having a issue with BAI2 format file. while importing the csv file for one transaction code, instead of going to credit the amounts are going to debit. Actually the transaction code is defined under purchase ledger. could you please let me know any setup available for this or any code changes needed.