Thursday, 29 October 2015

KB3034554 - Ledger journal performance [AX 2012]

A bit of a spotlight on this KB. I wasn’t aware of for some time and now it is included in AX2012R3CU9.

Problem was that each line insert/update/delete caused a tax calculation. This was more prominent when importing large journals (several thousand lines).

The solution Microsoft provides in this KB is a technical solution. It gives you the ability to ignore tax calculations if you wanted to do it while importing (via AIF or custom code).

I have written something previously that discusses this.



Note: This new field is not part of the DIXF journal entity.

Here is a work around. Because the Fields in the query are set to Dynamic=No. Lets add it ourselves


Right click and add the field.


Refresh the target entity by either deleting and creating again. Or re generating the mapping.

Below I did not add a new field to the DMF staging table but you probably should to do it properly. I am just illustrating an idea.



Anonymous said...

Please take also a look at KB3107767 'Slow performance updating lines in an invoice journal' released two days ago.



Anonymous said...

Have you taken a look at Atlas? 1,000 journal lines a minute (+/- depending on the journal type), with full security and data validation applied. All via configuration in custom code or services to write.

Munib Ahmed said...

Thanks for the KB Douglas. Nice find.
Anonymous - I have not tested with Atlas.