Monday, 8 February 2016

Dynamics AX 7– (Project) Resource management changes

This was an interesting find under the projects module. Now you can put your hours against a Resource rather than a Worker. A resource can be a machine or facility or a worker. I feel this was lacking in prior versions and is a great addition. In prior version you were able to schedule against a resource but the time booked was always against the worker.

What this means is now all the Worker references have changed to Resource

1. Hours forecast and actuals are against a Resource


2. Project/Worker validaiton and Category/Worker validation.



If you look at the details of the resrouces you will see that it is linked to a worker but it can now be linked to Vendor/Machine/Tool/Location/Facitlity.


From a code perspective if you are upgrading it is fairly straight to port over your code. You should change from Worker to Resource.

From if (! ProjValEmplProjSetup::checkWorkerProj(this.Worker, this.ProjId))
To if (! ProjValEmplProjSetup::checkResourceProj(ResourceFacade::findOrCreateByWorker(this.Worker), this.ProjId))


From if (! ProjValEmplCategorySetUp::checkWorkerCategory(this.Worker, this.CategoryId))

if (! ProjValEmplCategorySetUp::checkResourceCategory(ResourceFacade::findOrCreateByWorker(this.Worker), this.CategoryId))

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