Thursday, 28 April 2016

Expose AX 2012 AIF services (SOAP) as RESTful web services

A colleague of mine Fabio Filardi has published his work on Github. It has two samples for the Expense services and UserSession services. He has documented it really well. Get onto it if you are going to expose your web services as RESTful. It does save you a lot of time.

Github project

Documentation under wiki


Here are some additional notes. Microsoft has documented it really well too. So, get your head around the concepts and the above links should be of great benefit to you.

This is a good summary of the Azure service bus adapter with AX.

Whitepaper from Microsoft on how to extend it. Microsoft provides an example by talking about mobile app. Concept is how to expose your web services securely outside the domain.

Fabio has written a blog on one of the on this topic last year.

Be aware of the licensing cost for Azure. This is from Microsoft blog about the cost associated with Azure service bus.


Waldemar Pross said...

Looks nice. I actually started to work on something like this. Let's see where it goes.

Kannadasan Shyamsundar said...

Hi Mate,

Nice post.

Im new bee in AX. Currently my company using ax 2012 version and near future planning for AX 7 implementation soon.
Started Analysis for implementation.

I have assigned changeling task that Integrating AX 7 with existing .Net Application which is already integrated with AX 2012.

Could you please guide me? Which is best possible solution. In Microsoft Site i have seen below service list. Kindly advice which is faster data exchange and how to use it.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

Munib Ahmed said...

AX 7 web services are somewhat different. They are exposed as restful services by default. The post is supposed to assist ax 2012 implementations.

Kannadasan Shyamsundar said...

Thanks Munib