Thursday, 18 August 2016

Create a new partition [AX 7]

This is a deprecated feature but still works for simple testing. I used it mainly to test importing of configurations in a new clean environment.

To create a new partition, you must put the form name at the end of the URL.


Create a new one and save it.

To login to the partition, you must do a similar URL parameter by adding the partition name.

Note, that the partition have their own data through out. Companies and security must be set up individually.



Palle Agermark said...


I have information from Microsoft, claming the Partitions to be deprecated. So you should probably check up on that, before using it for any solutions.

Ievgen said...

Agree with Palle, it is not accessible from main menu because it should not be used and left for MS internal use.

Munib Ahmed said...

I forgot but I had my fun last week. Been testing the set up of a new company from a clean environment. I hope Microsoft leave it there as a non PROD feature.

Volker said...

Yes, deprecated (as mentioned on twitter).

But it will remain as a framework feature I'd guess because the unit test framework uses data partitions as isolation level.