Friday, 25 November 2016

Dynamics 365 for Operations mobile platform–Part 3

This post I will explain how actions work. How to create a new sales order via Actions.

On the sales order click on Actions. Then add an action.


Click on the new sales order button and start recording your screen. I selected a few fields that I wanted to add.


Go to the mobile and refresh.


Lookups have to be linked too. This can be done by clicking on the field and then hit the properties.

Notice how you have to have an existing page. I ended up creating a customer page and linked the fields.


Date look up appear like so


This will sync the action back to the system. If there are any sync issues, just navigate to the Sync history.


You don’t get a detailed error message. You get sync failed due to an error. That is why I have to emphasis keep it simple.



microsoft dynamic ax said...

Hello! Thank you so much for this cycle of articles about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations mobile platform, this topic is very useful for me.

Stefan Berglund said...

I have gotten the create sales order action to work except for adding lines.
Could you please explain how to add lines to a sales order that you have created through the mobile app?
I can see that I can get the Iteminfo field in the mobile app but I cant connect it to any register so I can get the roll-down list and choose articles.

I saw a tutorial on making a java script, I tried this but it didnt help me when I want to add lines to a NEW order that I create in the app.
Please advice
All the best/ Stefan

Munib Ahmed said...

Hi Stefan,

Check out the latest from Microsoft. It will probably save you a lot of time and trouble.

Some of the scenarios fail due to various reasons. Microsoft has been creating simplified forms that are accessible from the backend only. Then they record the mobile workspaces of them.

Anonymous said...


I keep getting the "sync error" which prevents other updates to sync to D365 for finance and operations. Can you please advise how to remove the sync errors? I have tried filling in the correct data and syncing again but this doen't help.