Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dynamics 365 for Operations Expenses Mobile App

In this post we will have a quick look at the Expenses workspace on the Dynamics 365 for Operations Mobile application.

I used a really small mobile to do my screen capture and some of the UI doesn’t look great.

First screen will give you an option to Capture a receipt (image) or go straight into the Quick expense entry form.


Allows you to take a picture or choose from your device.


Next screen will allow you select a category.


Next screen is the actual form where you enter the details. Errors and warnings show at the top.


It is early stages and I am sure there is more features to come.


Anonymous said...

Hi, we have discovered that you can see expense categories only when you are system administrator.
Did you encounter similar issue and perhaps know a way around it ?

Munib Ahmed said...

What version are you running?
Earlier versions were a little rough.

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