Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Build a Question and Answer Chatbot #Dyn365FO

I am going to do a series of posts on Chatbots. I have been working on (and off) it for about a year now. I will start slowly and build up on the concepts.

The easiest to do is probably Microsofts QnA Maker. QnA Maker can help your create an FAQ type chatbot that has language understanding. You just provide it with a link to an FAQ site or file, it will index all the content. The user then uses natural language to ask their questions.

Lets get into it.

1. Navigate to https://qnamaker.ai and sign in with your Microsoft account

Accept the terms and conditions.


2. Create a new service.

Give it a name and a source for the FAQ. This can be a URL or a flat file. Then click on Create button.


3. This will create a question and answer pair.


4. Lets test it out before we publish it.

a) Enter your text

b) Best answer it could pick up

c) Improve it by adding alternative questions. For a simple greeting intent, you could say it in many ways. Eg. Hello, Hi, Hey etc..


5. Now that you are happy and Save your work by clicking the green “Save and retain”. Then click on Publish.

This will take you to a review page. You can download your diff file to get an understanding how many new QnA pairs you have added.


6. Once you clicked publish you will get a review the keys that have been generated for you. Make sure you click on Learn how, it has many different ways of communicating to it.


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