Friday, 18 January 2019

Data Entity stuck “In Process”

There are a few reasons a scheduled data job may not execute. I made a silly mistake and it seemed as though the jobs where stuck on “In process”.
Things I checked:
1. Check the job isn’t disabled. See screenshot below. There is a toggle.
2. Check your recurring batch job is scheduled
3. Check you haven’t made any mistakes when enqueuing the entity. (I made a typo here)
I made the mistake of copying the URL and not changing the entity name. See the highlighted part in the url.

Below is a screenshot of the record info. You can see the Entity field contains the string I passed via the enqueue URL.

Sounds pretty simple but hopefully helps someone out there.


Alicja Filipowicz said...
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Diego Araujo said...

thank you very much!!!
my mistake was in the last parameter:

instead of "&"

I was using

Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

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mahesh chemmala said...

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