Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How to Dual Boot from a VHD

Previously I wrote a step by step guide on how you can run AX2012 HyperV on your local machine.
Today a friend of mine suggested an alternative way to run it. With the new laptops that have hardware virtualization enabled, you can set up a boot from VHD. I won't write a step by step for this but you can google and find a lot of information.
You can use BCDEdit 
How to Boot from a VHD - TechNet Articles - Home - TechNet Wiki
Another link
or Windows2008 Install disc
Dual booting Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows 7 using VHD booting | microsoftNOW
to set this up.

Now the only limitation I can see is the AX2012 image comes with 3 VHDs but this boot from VHD allows you to select a single VHD (OS VHD). What I have done to come around this is setup the boot for the 1st VHD. Then attach the other 2 VHDs as disks in "Computer Management"-> "Disk Management".
Start your services after you have attached. This seems to work. Only issue I found is, I have to attach the VHD every time I boot.

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