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NAV - Print & E-Mail PDF

This has been blogged and discussed on forums many times before but I thought I would write one about Amyuni . I have been using it for a number of years and IMHO is a very good product. This also works on vista and x64. Here is how to use it – I won't go into detail with all the variables etc: //PDFConverter – Automation - 'Common Driver Interface Control'.CDIntfEx IF ISCLEAR(PDFConverter) THEN CREATE(PDFConverter); // PrinterNameText on default install is 'Amyuni PDF Converter' PDFConverter.DriverInit(PrinterNameText); PDFConverter.Lock(PrinterNameText); //You must enable the printer with the correct licensee and activation code. //If this is different to the installation – you will get an error. PDFConverter.EnablePrinter(LicenseeText,ActivationCodeText); PDFConverter.FileNameOptions(3); PDFConverter.DefaultDirectory(TEMPORARYPATH); PDFConverter.SetDefaultPrinter; PDFConverter.DefaultFileName(TempFileName); REPORT.RUNMODAL(REPORT::"Sales – Invoice&qu