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Dynamics 365 for Operations Security Analysis

I was recently looking at different ways of analyzing the security in the AOT. I found an Addin that is in Visual Studio. Click on the “View related objects and licenses for all roles”. It takes about 5 minutes to put all the data together and export an Excel file. You get two worksheets. License information – Shows the different security objects; Roles, Duties and Privileges. Showing the license type. View related objects – This is a detailed exploded view of the Roles, duties, privileges, resource (I.e. menu item) Based on the second tab I was able to create a pivot table. This allows me to figure out what makes a particular license Enterprise. The thing you have to keep in mind is that this is looking at the AOT. If you have made security changes in the front end, this Addin won’t recognize it. If you want to review security from the front end then navigation to the Security configuration form. Then click on the View permissions. You will get a similar list as the Ex

SSIS support for AX OData connection

With prior versions of SSIS, the you couldn’t save online authentication with OData connections. If you wanted to use it, you had to wrap the messages using c# code. Now with the latest SQL 2016 update there was a nice feature that sneaked under the radar. The OData Connection Manager now supports five modes of authentication. Windows Authentication Basic Authentication (with username and password) Microsoft Dynamics AX Online (with username and password) Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (with username and password) Microsoft Online Services (with username and password) Read more here on msdn This is what the interface looks like. It will pop up with the sign in and will save it. This is a very exciting release.