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Top 5 tips for developing a Chatbot

This is different from my usual blog posts but I have been sitting on this for some time. I have been working with Chatbots for about 1 year now. Been on and off various engagements. So, I wrote something to make it a a bit clearer for those wanting to develop it and those wanting to know about it. Chatbots are very trendy these days and thought I would write up some personal learnings I have made. Chatbots have existed for many years but the technology has been democratised like many things in Azure. You can literally build a bot for free of charge (of course you have to invest a bit of your time). A user would generally communicate through a chat window and with the addition of cognitive services, you get a really powerful tool. Below are my top tips for when building your first chat bot. 1. A chat bot must have a purpose There are a few forms of chat bots out there. a) General Chatbots – Alexa, Google, Cortana, Siri, Watson. This is the big problem these major companies mentioned ar

Build and deploy your chatbot #Dyn365FO

This post is a continuation from the last blog post. We will explore what it takes to build and deploy your bot. In the Azure Portal , create a new “Web App Bot” by searching for “bot”. Select Web App Bot and follow the wizard. Enter the required details. Make sure to change the pricing tier to the free one, if you are experimenting. It is a good idea to select your template here. There are various templates available. Question and Answer one is a good template for fast set up of your QnA maker. If you are intending to use LUIS, select the Language understanding template. It will create LUIS project and connect it up for you. In the App Settings you will all the application ids, secret keys etc to hook it all up. If you used the LUIS template, you will see the LUIS application created here. If you used the QnA template, then you will be required to enter the QnA appkey and password. You can download the source code from the Build blade.