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Azure Logic with AX–callable endpoint

There are lots of ways to work with Azure Logic. This will be my first of many hopefully to show you how you can use Azure Logic with AX. Have a read of this post from the Azure Logic team first. It explains how you can create a callable endpoint in Azure Logic. Logic apps as callable endpoints In my post I will show you how you can use AX to call an Azure Logic endpoint. (I am not a graphics guy but the little fire on the end of the rocket is my addition) First start by writing a job that sends a post message to request bin . Request bin is a good site which you can use to send a message to it and it displays the results in a readable way. Navigate to request bin and copy the URL into the job. Then run the job to see the result. static void _jsonJob(Args _args) {     RetailWebRequest    request;     RetailWebResponse   response;     str                 rawResponse;     Map                 data;     RetailCommonWebAPI  webApi = RetailCommonWebAPI::construct();     str _req

Azure AD in new Portal

The #AzureAD admin experience in the new Azure portal is now in public preview! I thought I would give it a try out with the AX7 by registring the native application on Azure AD. See wiki and search half way in the page for Register a native application with AAD Navigate to the Azure AD in the new Portal. Click on App registrations. Create a Native App and enter a Redirect URI. Click on the Required permissions and select Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Then select the 3 delegated permissions. Should look like this at the end.

Exchange rate providers using OANDA

This was done for a number of customers but it is good to see it standard in AX7. Friday spotlight goes to … Until next time. I have some exciting blog post ideas but trying to find the time.

Additional posting layer in journal names [AX7]

This was a nice find the other day. AX7 has introduced additional posting layers to the enum. This is great for financial reporting. It might seem like a small thing but the fact that it flows through to the GL entries and also MR recognizes it, is a great thing. Make sure to get the latest MR for it to work.