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Data import export framework–Import sales order

You will notice if you try to import sales lines using the DIEF you will notice that the inventory transactions are not created. With some minor configuration changes you can get it working. Go to the Target entities and click on the Mapping details. Then on the SalesQty fields change the sequence to 100. So, it is the last field updated and also tick the “Call modifiedField method” flag. See the the result. This is based on AX 2012 R2 CU6. I haven’t tested this with the latest.

AX and Scrum: Story

I have posted previously on AX and Scrum this is just a continuation of my series. This post shall cover what a story is. A user story is a short description of what is needed. The main purpose of this is to be able to estimate the piece of work. Below is an actual story i have worked on. We could (should) have written this different. In scrum they teach you to write it in the perspective of the actor. For example: “As a work order user, I would like to create a work order and submit it to workflow. I would like to get alerts and notifications.” One thing we like to do in our team is set up Acceptance criteria's (those AC1 2 AC5 that you see in the screenshot). At the end of the day we use it to tell us a story is done. The next step for use once we have given it sized the story and accepted it into a sprint. We start putting some finer details. We break down the task. Our comment tasks that we use and to use to indicate a story is done are: Functional design – Doesn’t ha

My first Dynamics AX 2012 Windows 8 App

I have recently created my first Windows 8 App and I thought I would write about my experience. My first starting point is to download this Starter Kit. Dynamics AX 2012 Windows 8 App Developer Starter Kit Then before you do this I would suggested you have a look at Martin’s blog. He has made some fixes. Create a custom web service First task was to create a web service. I didn’t want to use a Document service. So, I created a custom service. I wont go through the details of creating a contract or anything but I will show what the method I need is. Create a windows 8 app With visual studio 2012 (latest update 3 installed) I created a new project of type Windows Store. This Grid view will create 3 *.xmal pages. See the screenshot below there is a preview on the right hand side. It shows a Grid view, a Group view, and a Item detailed view. This is where we call the web service to