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Creating SQL index via LCS

LCS has some really great tools for checking performance. Its really a matter of trying to get used to them and knowing whats available. Under the Environment monitoring > SQL insights > Performance metrics. You can find some slow queries and how they are affecting the environment over time. I found that SalesLine table was missing an index for Revenue recognition. Warning: Do this at your own risk. You could break the system if you haven't tested this properly. I raised a support ticket but was asked to create a non-unique index on the table via LCS. Go to Environment monitoring > SQL Insights > Actions Select "Create non-unique index on a table". Turn of the "Allow page locks". Talking about that risk. I got an error after I did the above with batch jobs. I had to restart the batch service in LCS to fix the problem. This is the error I got with batch job to post the sales invoices.  Refer to Microsoft Docs page on this. Typically you want to do th