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AX - Workflow history form

The workflow history form is designed in a way where if you are a user in the Admin user group, you get view 1. If you are a user that is not in the Admin group, then you get view 2. Workflow history - for admin Workflow history - for non admin Note:  It checks the user by looking for the first usergroup in their list. If there is a user group which sorts higher than "Admin" then it will think you are not an Admin.

Purchase requisition – Price

The price fields on the purchase requisition are non-editable for catalogue items. It is expected that a trade agreement be created. The price fields are only editable for these conditions: Form is opened view AP -> Periodic -> Purchase Requisition -> All purchase requisition, or Line type is “Non-catalogue item”, or User is task owner. Ie. The task is assigned to the user. In other words he/she maybe the purchaser that gets the price. User is approval owner. Ie. The approval is assigned to the user. In other words he/she maybe the manager that approves the final requisition. For catalogue items on the purchase requisition line can only select between the vendor directly associated with the item and the cheapest vendor as found through the purchase price trade agreements. If another vendor is requested the vendor can be blanked and the user can enter a “Proposed vendor” in the proposed vendor field on the general tab page for the purchase requisition line.   NOTE: Pur