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AX 2012 R3 Entity Store

Recently there was a release of the entity store for AX 2012 R3. This is a great tool that makes data warehousing simple and close to real time. Traditionally with a data warehouse, you would have to do full updates. This is fine for overnight process but when it comes to regular updates, it is a bit much to ask. Here are the links to Microsoft blogs of the release announcement: The concept uses DIXF to do incremental updates to the secondary entity store database. This is done using change tracking which is enabled at the database level. One thing to note is, the entity store database should ideally be on a different server. Allowing you to have SQL 2014 or latest SQL 2016 installed. The entity store uses column store indexing which is super fast. Have a read of the whitepaper in the above links. Below is a diagram of what