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I recently downloaded the new Update 3 box for Dynamics for Operations which was on windows 2016. I installed Chrome and got this strange error. ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY After some searching and trial and error. Here is my workaround/solution. I used IISCrypto to disable SSL 2.0. Make sure to reboot afterwards. These are a couple of links that helped me. Don’t ask me why or what. This is a rough fix that worked for me. I am not sure if I broke anything else. I just wanted to use some chrome tools.  

Document handling and Azure Storage on local development box

AX7 uses blob storage for document handling and sometimes you may notice it errors due to Azure storage. This is an example of the error you would get. Error: Upload of “MyFile” failed. An error occurred writing to Azure storage. On your development box search for the “Microsoft Azure Storage Emulator” It should open up a command line window and start the emulator. In your tray it will show up the Emulator Icon. The emulator is part of the Azure SDK. It has a configuration file with the ports it uses. Emulator reference on MSDN