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Azure DevOps Release Pipeline–Walkthrough

It is a great start to 2019. Joris from Microsoft has welcomed the year with the release of the Azure DevOps Release Pipeline task on the marketplace. Official blog: Addition blog: I thought I would do a walkthrough for those that haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. New release pipeline In Azure DevOps, click on the New release pipeline. You will get an option to select from a template. Just select “Empty Job”. In the first stage, make sure the Agent job is using “Hosted VS 2017”. In the Agent job click on the + icon to add a task. Select the LCS Asset Upload task. If you don’t see, then you have not installed it. Just select the “Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Tools” link at the bottom. Otherwise, install from here https://marketplace.visualst

Data Entity stuck “In Process”

There are a few reasons a scheduled data job may not execute. I made a silly mistake and it seemed as though the jobs where stuck on “In process”. Things I checked: 1. Check the job isn’t disabled. See screenshot below. There is a toggle. 2. Check your recurring batch job is scheduled 3. Check you haven’t made any mistakes when enqueuing the entity. (I made a typo here) I made the mistake of copying the URL and not changing the entity name. See the highlighted part in the url. General%20journal &company=usmf Below is a screenshot of the record info. You can see the Entity field contains the string I passed via the enqueue URL. Sounds pretty simple but hopefully helps someone out there.