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Open source Exchange rate provider on Codeplex [AX 2012]

Way back I had created an exchange rate provider using Yahoo! Finance services. So, today I thought I would share this code that has been sitting with me for a long time. I have created a Codeplex project to start the sharing. I want to also encourage others to start sharing if they have developed their own exchange rate provider using other services. I am more than happy to add anyone who wants to contribute as a developer or I can upload it for them (and mention their name on the main page). I think we can all benefit from these being freely available or if Microsoft can include it in their product eventually as standards. Visit: Exchange rate provider on Codeplex Download the Yahoo! Finance exchange provider class xpo, import it into your environment, compile + CIL compile, restart your client and start using it. Once you have done the right thing. It should be available for configuring. Then, you should be able to run it. More information to get you started: To learn on ho

Tips to improve Ledger journal import performance [AX 2012]

There are a number of ways of importing ledger journals but with most you will realise it is quite slow with a lot of lines (100 plus lines). I have put a couple of tips to boost the performance. Remember these are bulk creation of journals and not posting issues. That is a whole other topic. Tip 1. Obvious but often forgotten. Remember that journal name setup – you have a number of options to generate the voucher number. If you leave it to generate when it balances – then this will kill your performance. Tip 2. On the insert method you will there is tax calculations which are deleted and recalculated every time you insert. If you can avoid calling this method and call it only for the last line per unique journal number, voucher number, and invoice. I won’t go into detail on how to code it. option 1: You can add a parameter and check that. option 2: Or you can write your code so the tax is not set – do your insert. Then set the tax groups after. But remember you will have to

Release products using Data import export framework [AX 2012]

This is a question I hear quite often. When you import products how do you release the product to your multiple companies. Do you have to import it? The answer is quite simple but well hidden. No – you don’t have to import to the other companies. There is a field in the staging table called ReleaseProductCompany. If you pass the company name with a separator. Then on insert or update it will release it to those companies. The separator can be found on the Source data formats. Finally here is a screenshot of the code that releases the product into the companies.

Spell checker [AX 2012]

This post I will show how easy it is to use managed hosted controls (wcf). We will look at incorporating a text control with a spell checker enabled. We will work backwards, final result looks like this. Now lets go though it. Right click on your form and add a managed host. Select PresentationFramework and then the Textbox control. On the init method, enable the spell check. xpo can be downloaded from here for an example.