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AX - Field not showing in the workflow configuration

Issue: I tried to setup a workflow configuration based on the Project field on the purchase requisition. For some reason the Project field was looking up the dimensions. I had a look at what dimensions I had in the system and I found the 4th dimension was called Project too. Because the workflow class builds a list on the field names. It only adds 1 field called Project. In other words, only allowing you to select 1 of the two fields labelled Project. Solution: I renamed the dimension to "Project No". Something different.

AX - MultiSelectionHelper

Today I learned a new class which I think is great. The MultiSelectionHelper class provides an interface to work with multiple selected records on a form data source. Say you want to highlight a number of records and run a function against them. Here is some sample code: public void initFromArgs(Args _args = this.parmArgs()) { MultiSelectionHelper multiSelectionHelper; PurchReqTable purchReqTable; ; if (args && args.caller() && args.record()) { multiSelectionHelper = MultiSelectionHelper::createFromCaller(args.caller()); multiSelectionHelper.createQueryRanges(queryRun.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(PurchReqTable)), fieldstr(PurchReqTable, PurchReqId)); switch(args.record().TableId) { case tablenum(PurchReqTable) : purchReqTable= multiSelectionHelper.getFirst(); while (purchReqTable) {

AX - Section overlapped pageFooter section (maybe because the section is too high)

This error usual happens when you put a large block in the footer section or you have set the footer section height too high. Solution would be to adjust the height of the footer section or remove/reduce what you have on the footer section. Or alternatively move your controls to a programmable section. I would do the latter if I am displaying a large block of text. For example terms and conditions at the end of a purchase order report.

AX - Modify Table collection when it is attached to a virtual company

Recently I wanted to move the table collection to my dev environment. The table collection was attached to a virtual company - the system wouldn't let me change it. I tried to delete - didn't work. I tried to import an xpo of the table collection changes - nothing happened.   I had 2 options to do this: Option 1: Do a full layer release to your environment. This is what you would do in production environment releases. I didn't want to do this because I had other changes in the environment that would have been over written. Option 2: Find which virtual companies the table collection are used and delete them. To find the virtual companies that are attached to the table collections  - go to "\System Documentation\Tables\TableCollectionList" . You can do a dat/def export of this table. Changed the table collection. Then imported the dat/def.

NAV - The page contains a control add-in that is not permitted. Contact your system administrator.

After installing NAV2009SP1 and you try to open a clean database or your database. You may get this error. "The page contains a control add-in that is not permitted. Contact your system administrator." Reason: This happens because in NAV2009SP1 has a client add-in that comes with the role centre. This needs to be setup in the Client Add-in table.