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NAV - RTC personal view and experience

In my personal experience RTC has been great. Here are some positives and negatives from my experience. Positives: 1) Personalization of the RTC - role centre/cues/fields etc. Everyone loves it. 2) Web Services - I used this in my first implementation. Easy to use/very stable/fast to implement. Best thing since sliced bread. :) 3) Reports - You can create some nice reports. Save to pdf and excel is a bonus. 4) Training and adoption - you will find that adoption will be great. I found my client basically really taking charge and personalizing the client to their needs and to their teams needs. Negatives: 1) Batch processes - They are slower. 2) Large reports cause issues (may crashes in some incidents) - there has been some changes in SP1 but I don't think it fixes it totally. But it is a good improvement. 3) In a fast data entry environment. Where you have people just entering orders all day. RTC is actually slower for them. NAV classic has always been great with shortcu

NAV - Only ENU language installed in NAV2009SP1

Issue: After installing the NAV2009SP1 classic client. You may find that only the ENU language being installed. Reason: There has been major folder restructuring in the install disc in NAV2009. They have gone further in NAV2009SP1 - the language folders have been moved to the main "\Installer\" folder. So if you installed by executing the exe/msi in the client folder - then the language files wont be copied over. This is a conscious decision by Microsoft. From my understanding they are trying to centralize the installer to a world release and then you install your localized changes (ie language and db). This means everyone in the world will be using the exact same world installer. Resolution: Option 1 (preferred) - Execute the language installer under [drive]:\installer\ENA\ Option 2 - Find the folders (ENA and ENZ) and copy them to the Classic\60 folder. Thats basically what option 1 does. Option 3 - Make sure you install using the main directory setup.exe. This sh

AX2009SP1 - Analysis service install on SQL2008

You might receive this error message if you try to install analysis services component on a machine that has SQL2008. "You must install SQL server 2005 Anaylsis Services Pack 2 before installing the Analysis extensions". Find the script and run it manually in "SQL Server Management Studio". \support\Analysis Services\Scripts\DynamicsAX.xmla Make sure you change the connection string (ctrl+F for connection). There is also a good blog here . This blog suggests uninstalling SQL2005express and going through the install program again. Good luck.

AX2009SP1 - Reporting Service install on SQL2008 error

When you try to install Reporting Service on SQL2008. You may receive this error: "You must install SQL server 2005 Reporting Services Service Pack 2 before installing the report extensions". There is a hotfix for it:;EN-US;959494

AX - Workflow notification

Just an FYI. If you have a system with multiple companies. You want to view all your workflow notifications in the role centre. Right? Well thats how it works. If you are in the company where the document exists. You will get this when you right click: If you are in the other company. You will get this:

AX - Workflow - Direct approver

Requirement: Can you send a direct workflow approval request to an employee in the system? You can’t do it in standard workflow. I.e. Can the user select who to send it to. Rather than the template determining it by Role/Hierarchy or specific user. Solution: You can do this very easily witha simple mod. In this example we will look at purchase requisition workflow. 1. Add a new field to the purchase requisition header. Called “Direct approver” (Employee table). 2. Create a new class called with the following methods public class PurchReqWorkflowParticipantProvider extends WorkflowUserGroupParticipantProvider { } public WorkflowParticipantTokenList getParticipantTokens() { WorkflowParticipantTokenList tokenList = WorkflowParticipantTokenList::construct(); ; tokenList = super(); //Hardcoded to make it a readable tokenList.add('DIRECTAPPROVER', 'Direct approver'); return tokenList; } public WorkflowUserList resolve(WorkflowContext _conte