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Bug: “The parameter pageUrl is missing or invalid” when importing web URL in AOT [AX2012 R2 CU6]

If you try and import a web URL in AX 2012 R2 CU6, you will get this error. Try it on any standard URLs and the bug is still there. For a work around put a backslash in front of the URL and it should work now. You could make a code fix but I think its best Microsoft fixes it. If you want to make the fix yourself then have a look at this method \Classes\sysEPWebPageDefinition\getPageUrl. It looks like it was introduced in CU6. You can even see the Microsoft bug number and what they tried to fix. They were trying to cater for leading backslash but ended up breaking it. I have logged it with Microsoft. I will update once I receive a response. Update 2013-10-03 - Hotfix was provided from Microsoft. KB Article Number (s) : 2894068   

AX and Scrum: Task board

I am going to talk about the task board today. A task board is used to keep track of our progress. On a daily basis we update how many hours we have remaining. Each swim lane shows the status of the task. Below is an example of my task board. This sprint below I was working on work order workflow. Each day on our daily scrum meeting we update the board on how many hours remaining for each task. On this board it is clear who has accepted the work. How many hours they have left and if the task is done. Multiple people can work on the same task.