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Event Based Integration using Business Events and Data Management Framework

In this post I will share how I used Business Events for integration. If you have been in the FinOps space, then you know that there is a Recurring integration pattern that uses dequeue concept. The dequeue pattern, requires that you constantly poll the FinOps URL to see if there is a file you can download. https://{base URL}/api/connector/dequeue/{activityID} Then you have to acknowledge the dequeue by calling a second URL https://{base URL}/api/connector/ack/{activityID} Another alternative is to use the Package export method. The advantage of this one is that the external system is doing the polling and executes the export job on request. No need for the FinOps batch job to run. In summary: Both methods use a polling architecture. Both methods produce a zip file which you have to extract Both methods require that you make a second call to check the status or acknowledge the download Now, imagine if you could use the same Data Management framework but have it coupled